Selected Audio

12/3/14          KKUP, 91.5FM on Wed 8-9pm PT, “Out of Our Minds” with JP Dancing Bear, host

07/08/10        Michael Krasny’s Forum, KQED 88.5 (NPR affiliate) with poets Brenda Hillman, Margaret Kaufman, and Kristen Tracy

The Cortland Review:

Poetry, Issue 77: three poems: “Parts Of Speech,” “Let Deer,” and “Moose, Bear, And The Moon”

Poetry, Winter 2014 Feature: two poems: “Blazon” and “Promise Me”

Poetry, Issue 58: “Petals

From the Fishouse,  Aug. 2010: “Wild Swan,” “Dark Card,” “Apologies to my OBGYN,” “Altoona to    Anywhere,” “Things Burn Down,” “Seeds of the Giant Sequoia,” “After the Hurricane,”    “American Dream,” “Crickets at Lakemont Park,” and “Last Bison Gone.”