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Selected Poems online:

POETRY magazine, 2021, "ALZ Ghazal"

New Letters 2021, "Two Poems"

Narrative Mazagine, 2021, "Divine Apparitions"

Tikkun, 1/12/20, "Funicular"

Narrative Poem of the Week feature of “Second Gratitude” from ONLY, forthcoming from Four Way Books in 2022

Hudson Review, 2020, "Prayer for the Young"

Blackbird, 2020, "New Ars Poetica," 

American Academy of Poets, Poem a Day, 2015, "Abeyance"

Atlanta Review, "Mom’s Canoe"

MARGIE, "Apologies to my OBGYN"

The Cortland Review: "Parts Of Speech,” “Let Deer,” and “Moose, Bear, and the Moon"  (Poetry, Issue 77),
"Blazon”  and  “Promise Me"  (Poetry, Winter 2014 Feature), and “Petals”  (Poetry, Issue 58)

The Frost Place, “From Function, Form,” first published by The Hudson Review 

The Hopkins Review, 2015, “Contradance

The Hudson Review, 2015, "The Notch,” “Bright Juice,” “Nuns Fret Not,” and “Dirt"

The Humanist, 2011, "Last Bison Gone” and “Perennial"

The Jet Fuel Review Blog, “Dynamic Response,” first published in Mid-American Review

Journal of the American Medical Association: 
1/9/08            "Head Injury Odyssey"
11/7/12          "Heart"
12/19/12        "Two Triolets for Lyme Disease
12/26/12        "Refractory"
1/2/13            "Mitral Valve Prolapse
1/16/13          "Compound Depressed Fracture

Omniverse 2014, “Biography,” “But What Can Wake You,” and “Eulogy

Poemeleon 2015, “Courtesy Flush” and “Oops,” first published in Los Angeles Review and The Ledge,

Poethead, 2015, “Prayer for my New Daughter,” “Sufferance,” “Blame,” “Gratitude,” & “Only,” first published in North American Review, Bellingham Review, Seattle ReviewNorth American Review, and the Hudson Review

Poetry Daily:
8/15/16     “Exultate Jubilate”
4/15/15     “His Master’s House” and “Meet Pilgrim”
12/1/15     “Dynamic Response of Multi-Layered Soil Media in the Frequency Domain”
10/2/14     “Dream of the Rood”
12/11/10   “Father’s Day Race”

Portside, 2017, “Greed, Exercising Noblesse Oblige” & 2015, “Altoona to Marin

Stanford Magazine, May/June 2015, “You-Know-Where-Again

Terrain: A Journal of the Built and Natural Environments, Fall 2009, chapbook with art by Lorna Stevens, “Camouflage,” “Spring Will Come,” & “Steward

Tikkun Daily, 2/13/11, Excerpts from God, Seed: Poetry & Art About the Natural World with art by Lorna Stevens

Valparaiso Poetry Review, Prodigal” & “Elocution Lesson

Verse Daily:

8/18/16      “The Quest”
7/14/15      “Vernal”
8/20/12      “Stork”
10/28/10    “Perennial,”
10/12/10    “What You Work For”
9/12/10      “Teleology”

Selected Stories, Essays and Book Reviews online:
Weekly Poetry Sunday Columns for Women’s Voices for Change, 2015-2021. As poetry editor for Women’s Voices for Change along with poet Amanda Moore, I wrote a weekly column featuring a poem by a woman poet, including an explication and discussion of issues of craft. 

ZyzzyvaReview of Catwalk by Meryl Natchez

Poetry Sunday, Review of Ledger by Jane Hirschfield 

American Literary Review, “Something Blue,” winner of the 2015 short fiction contest

Massachusetts Review“Iguana Iguana”

Writer's Digest, “On Becoming a Writer”

Poetry FlashInterview of Susan Terris, “She Asked for Light”

RumpusReview of Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here

RumpusReview of Beamish Boy by Albert Flynn DeSilver

Review of After the Firestorm by Susan Kolodny, originally published in Calyx